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Medicare Bad Debt
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Medicare Bad Debt Compliance Review
Ensuring that your current Medicare Bad Debt log is compliant with applicable audit standards.

Medicare Fiscal Intermediaries have received guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to put increasing scrutiny on provider-based Medicare Bad Debts that are included on the cost report. As a result, auditors have stepped up the intensity of their audits. Providers are often faced with the dilemma of reducing Medicare Bad Debt reimbursement because they do not have the time or expertise to defend classes of accounts through audit.

RSG Inc. can help your organization prepare with our Medicare Bad Debt Compliance service. RSG Inc. will put your Medicare Bad Debt log through a rigorous 31-step review process in order to identify and categorize errors as well as raise any audit red flags. As an add-on to this service, RSG Inc. can assist your organization throughout the audit process with our expert guidance. Our reimbursement experts have participated in hundreds of audits on behalf of our clients throughout the country with excellent results. RSG Inc. has worked with over a dozen Fiscal Intermediaries and has the depth and breadth of experience to help you overcome audit rejections through effective preparation and negotiation.


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