Medicare Bad Debt


Reimbursement Services Group Inc. is the leading provider of Medicare Bad Debt claiming services. We offer a unique approach to analyzing unpaid Medicare coinsurance/deductibles and develop accurate, thoroughly researched claim listings of qualified Bad Debt balances. We support our clients during every stage of the cost report process, from submission of the claim through audit. RSG Inc. can analyze past fiscal years and identify incremental claiming opportunities. In addition, we offer prospective
claiming services allowing customers to refocus resources on other financial priorities.

RSG Inc. assumes responsibility for the production of Medicare Bad Debt claims.  Through our comprehensive approach, we provide:

  • Preparation of claim listing – in time for cost report filing
  • 100% audit support – all auditor requests can be handled through our data storehouse of remittance and patient account information developed as a part of the project
  • Reporting – standard and ad hoc reports are produced to give our clients a thorough financial understanding of their Medicare patient population


Using a unique methodology, we combine electronic data warehousing, information analytics and unmatched reimbursement expertise to produce the best possible results that yield an average 97 to100 percent audit acceptance rate.

Because we start with the entire population of Medicare paid accounts, and use sophisticated data mining and analysis, we can disposition all balances. We document liquidation trends and categorize unpaid balances by problem type. This allows clients to optimize future claiming by addressing problem areas in their collection policies and procedures that prevent balances from qualifying for the Medicare Bad Debt claim.


Our process begins with an analysis of all Medicare paid accounts using Medicare data to drive identification of unliquidated coinsurance and deductible balances. This methodology provides the most accurate basis for calculating claim value, supports disposition of all Medicare coinsurance and deductible balances and increases the accuracy, completeness and audit-sustainability of the claim.

Optimal Results

Through our unique process, we identify and isolate populations of accounts that appear to qualify for the Bad Debt claim. By investigating these accounts and substantiating where Medicare Bad Debt rules and regulations were followed, we develop unique methodologies   to capture additional balances and include these accounts in the final claim listing.


As experts in Medicare Bad Debt claiming, we work with you to clarify rules and regulations, and we provide a high level of audit support through direct interaction with auditors, advice on interpretational issues, and provision of supporting documentation. We work with you to answer questions, explain processing logic, and jointly reach positive conclusions. By focusing on components of the receivable that are challenging and costly to collect, we find hidden value for our clients.