Medicare cost report reimbursement opportunities are becoming increasingly difficult to identify.  Rules and regulations are continuously evolving.  And with the additional burden of payment regulations and documentation requirements, it’s challenging to capture the reimbursement that’s rightfully yours.

RSG Inc. has over 20 years experience providing Medicare Bad Debt and Disproportionate Share claiming.  Over the years, we’ve expanded our offering to include Transfer DRGShadow Billing, SSI and DSH Appeals.

Cyberattacks involving protected health information are becoming increasingly common.  Despite meeting HIPAA’s Security Rule, breaches remain a very real threat.  RSG Inc. has recently increased our EDI Security Standards in order to prevent security breaches and better protect our clients’ data.  In addition to our EDI capabilities, RSG Inc. uses a proprietary software to process large amounts of data vs small data extracts, which enables us to create audit-sustainable Medicare bad debt and DSH claims.

Our client relationships are paramount to our success.  As a service organization, we’ve streamlined our approach for every stage of our projects, ensuring that our clients’ needs are understood and met.  We are able to meet tight timeframes, respond to special client requests, and deliver audit sustainable results – for every project, for every client.

RSG’s ability to transform large quantities of data into audit sustainable claims is one of the hallmarks of our company.  Our QA staff mimic the MAC audit process, and we incorporate our experiences in various jurisdictions in order to better support our clients’ audits.  We proudly maintain an average 97% audit acceptance rate, although our ability to secure 100% audit acceptance results for many of our clients is not uncommon.

RSG Inc. serves large hospitals and health care systems.  Our projects result in millions of dollars for our clients. To learn more about about projects, click here.

RSG Inc. supports a number of high profile DSH Appeals, working with lead attorneys on behalf of our clients.  Our documentation is the basis for many of these legal challenges.

Our behind-the-scenes methodology enables us to focus on processing large amounts of data, while our ongoing client communication ensures that their claim meets Medicare’s rules and regulations.